Step By Step Guide For Diy Cactus Gardeners

Nature has always been very calming and soothing to the soul. Need a break from the hectic work? Need a break from all the depressions? Nature is the answer. Go for a walk in the park, or visit a forest, natural features always make you love your life. Now how about having a touch of nature in your room, wont that be great? The simple solution to it is DIY Cactus Gardeners, not only are they easy to make but will send your interior decoration game up a notch.

Now as you will be dealing with Cactus, you need to have protective gloves on or something thick enough to protect your hands from the spikes. Things you’ll need for DIY Cactus Gardeners are ceramic clay pot, a drill machine, aquarium gravel, a filter screen, soil and small unplanted cactus. First step is to drill three small holes at the bottom of the clay pot at equal distances, next place a small piece of filter screen that covers the entire bottom of the pot. Second step is to partially fill the pot with aquarium gravel, and add soil just to cover the spread of the gravel, now carefully place the Cactus, make sure not to over crowd the pot, add two to three cactuses max. Third step is to add the remaining soil and level it, remove the excess. Now keep the ceramic pot in large plate or a flat container so that when you water the cactus, water doesn’t create a mess by draining out the holes you made in the ceramic pot.

There you go, what you read above was a simple guide for DIY Cactus Gardeners. Try this perfect weekend project and be ready to receive compliments about how good your room looks after adding the touch of nature.

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