A Simple Guide To Diy Creek Bed

If you have a lovely garden, that is full of lush green grass, has beautiful smell of flowers, and looks aesthetically pleasing, but you’re fed up with the damp and swampy area of the garden, that is making your garden look less attractive and unmaintained, then DIY Creek Bed is the perfect solution for you. Not only are they easy to install, but require very less or almost no maintenance.

The first thing you need to do is to get some pebble type stones of different sizes, a big bag of sea gravel, and a long roll of weed fabric, next keep them in your store. Then inspect that swampy or marshy area, see how damp that is. Next take a shovel and dig a trench around 12 to 15 inches deep, before you start digging for your own help, mark the borders of the bed with spray paint, make it as natural as possible, go for curves rather than straight lines.

After you have dug out the trench, place large boulders alongside the DIY Creek Bed at adequate distances, again try placing them randomly for a more natural look. Next step, is to clean all the mess that was created doing all this digging and placing boulders process. Now head to your store and grab that roll of weed fabric, and lay that down on the bottom of the trench, this will help you prevent weeds and other plants from popping up. Now comes the easy part, get that bag of sea gravel, and spread it all over the trench evenly around 2 inches high. In the end add the stones over that gravel; keep in mind to mix big and small stones to give the DIY Creek Bed a more natural look. There you have it a perfect weekend project adding beauty to your garden.

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