How To Make Diy Hanging Shelf The Easy Way

When it comes to interior decorating, shelves have always been adding to the aesthetics and are a must when you want something clean and unique that doesn’t takes up much space. You must have seen a lot of different types of shelves, with various designs and structures, but the type of shelf that has gained a lot of popularity is the Hanging shelf. It looks much more alluring than a conventional shelf and is a piece of furniture that is really impact-fully functional.

First of all make a list of the things you’ll need for DIY Hanging Shelf, 4 wooden boards (an inch thick and length depends on you how long you want the shelf to be), rope around 2 inches thick and a bit longer than the total height from ground to roof (for example if your roof is 8 feet high, then take a 10 feet long rope), 2 hanger shaped steel clips, drill machine, and pencil.

Now we start with the procedure of DIY Hanging Shelf, firstly get your boards painted in the color of your choice. Next drill holes in the board (make marks using a pencil with precise calculation) keep in mind holes shouldn’t be on the edge nor should they be very near to the middle of the board, drill them at an adequate distance, holes should be slightly less in diameter than the thickness of the rope, so that the boards don’t slip. Next step is to attach the steel clips to the roof inverted, now pass the rope through the holes made on the board and at suitable distances make knots in the rope, so that boards can retain their position. Now hang the shelf on those clips and cut off the excess rope from the bottom of the shelf. And there you have it your very own DIY Hanging Shelf.

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