Charming Easter Egg Inspirations

If you are planning Easter festivities and decorations, then you will be surly looking to use eggs in beautiful manner because the Easter is not looking good without Easter eggs. This is one of the traditions that are celebrated by everyone around the world. There are so many things that you can do with eggs on Easter. If you are looking for ideas for decoration your home with eggs on this coming Easter, then following are some easy ideas for you.

Surprise Egg
This is really fun idea. You simply have to create an oversized egg. Make it open from the top. You can beautify the egg with the help of paint or washi tape. You can add the washi tape in shape of rows, one at a time. You need to do it for the upper portion first then to move to the below half. Once you are done with this then you can fill the egg with candies or toys.

Glittering Polka Dot Eggs
If you are looking to preserve your Easter eggs for coming years too, then you need to clean the interior of these eggs before you starting decorating them. You can easily paint these eggs by choosing different shades of acrylic paint. When the paint gets dried then you can easily add polka dots with the help of liner brush. To make them extra attractive and beautiful, you can choose to sprinkle wet glue and glitter. When you are done with this you will surely get some glittery and glamorous eggs that can make beautiful decoration in your home.

Marbleized Eggs
Another option for you to make your Ester eggs look attractive is to give multicolor effect to your plain eggs. This can easily be done with the help of marbleized effect. For this you just have to add olive oil to dye solution and you will get mottled, unpredictable look for the eggs.

Egg Animals
If you have some creative instinct and also have some time then why don`t you try to convert your differently colored Easter eggs into attractive, adorable chicks, bunnies, birds and sheep. You simply have to download the patterned printed paper and rest can be done by your kids too. Like if you are looking to make a bunny with egg, then your kids can definitely cut ears from the patterned paper. Or if you are going with chick then you have to ask them to cut beak for the chicks. This way you can surely get some beautiful egg decorations for Easter.