Brilliant Ideas For Diy Rain Chains For Beginners

Before we move onto ideas for DIY Rain Chains, we need to know what Rain Chains actually are. They are nothing but a beautiful or a decorative water drain. Invented in Japan, these are now used worldwide. You just need to attach them to your water drain on the roof and the water itself transports to the ground, creating an alluring water feature that is aesthetically pleasing. Here are some ideas to make your own rain chains.

Funnel Rain Chain
This is one of the easiest rain chains to make, just take some old funnels lying in your backyard, get a metal chain that is long enough to cover the distance from ground to roof, and then simply glue the funnels to the chain at an adequate distance, make sure the broader face of the funnel should be facing upwards.

Sea Shells Rain Chain
This again is one of the simplest DIY rain chains to make. Get yourself a pack of sea shells, first make a small hole at one end of each shell, now pass a strong rope through that hole, add all the shells. Seal one end of the rope and tie the other to the water drain on the roof. And you will have a beautiful rain chain.

Plastic Cup Rain Chains
This is very similar to the sea shells rain chain, the only thing different here is you need to make a hole at the bottom of the plastic cup, and rest is the same, pass the rope through the hole, seal the end and tie it to the drain. Use colorful cups to make the chain look alluring.
Above mentioned ideas are only few of the many you can use to make DIY rain chains. These are the simple ones, try these, when you get a good on making them, go for the complex one. These chains are one the best ways to recycle the useless materials lying in your store.

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