5 Amazing Diy Bottle Opener Ideas That Are Worth Applying!

5 Amazing Diy Bottle Opener Ideas That Are Worth Applying!

Until now you may be utilizing the bottle openers in their traditional way. However you would be surprised to know that you can use the bottle opener as a decorative item as well. DIY Bottle Opener Ideas is the keyword that you must be typing on Google if you want to know about such ideas. The issue with the internet is that most of the information is scattered hence finding credible ideas can be difficult. To assist you, in this article we will share with you some of the best DIY Bottle Opener Ideas.

The first idea in our list is related to DIY beer bottle opener. For application of this idea you need a scrap wood piece, a nice bottle opener, you need pipe strapping, you need to get a mason jar, you need some hardwire like screws etc. and you may require a spray paint as well

We have named the second idea as Mermaid. For this idea you need some mermaid bottle openers, you need a paint brush and you may also require a gliding which is gold liquid in nature.

We have named the third idea as Redneck Bottle. For proper application of this idea you need a wood piece, 2 magnets which are small and an old nail which is very much regular in nature

The fourth idea is related to DIY Magnet Opener and it requires wooden plaque, pencil, wall mounted bottle opener, magnets (neodymium), liquid nails, some drills, a wooden stain, polyurethane and a finally a ruler as well

The above mentioned 4 projects can serve as perfect DIY Bottle Opener Ideas for you provided you apply them properly. As a beginner you can go for these ideas and later you can create your own as well once you become an expert.